System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 – RC

Přichází další krok ve vývoji nové verze System Center nástroje pro správu virtuální infrastruktury. V pátek Microsoft ohlásil uveřejnění Release Candidate verze, která přináší další a další vylepšení. Zde kompletní info, které naleznete i na samotné stránce se stažením verze RC :

  • Fabric Management
    • Setup Upgrade
      • *New in RC -Upgrade- Setup will support the following upgrade paths:
        • VMM 2008 R2 SP1 –SC VMM 2012 RC — SC VMM 2012 RTM
        • SC VMM 2012 RC — SC VMM 2012 RTM
    • Hyper-V and Cluster Lifecycle Management – Deploy Hyper-V to bare metal
      server, create Hyper-V clusters, orchestrate patching of a Hyper-V Cluster</p>
      • *New in RC:
        • ISO or CD-based OSD for environments with DHCP without WDS
        • OSD will now convert dynamic to fixed type of VHD destination
        • All network adapters on host can be configured during
      • *New in RC:
        • Ability to bypass cluster validation during cluster creation
        • Run cluster validation reports on-demand
        • New Cluster status tab to view an aggregated status and a cluster validation
        • Ability to see current CSV owner in the properties of the
    • Third Party Virtualization Platforms – Add and Manage Citrix XenServer and
      VMware ESX Hosts and Clusters
    • Network Management – Manage IP Address Pools, MAC Address Pools and Load
      • *New in RC:
        • Simplification of the logical networks in the Fabric workspace
        • Ability to see IP addresses that are in use from a IP pool
        • Added support for Microsoft Network Load Balancer
        • Gateway and DNS are no longer mandatory fields for logical networks
        • Load balancer can now support affinity to logical
    • Storage Management – Classify Storage, Manage Storage Pools and LUNs
      • *New in RC
        • Create persistent sessions to iSCSI array and logon initiator to array
        • Better scalability of storage operations – LUN create, snapshot, clone,
          masking, and unmasking
        • Option to create storage groups per cluster (BETA only supported creation of
          storage group per node in a cluster)
        • Enablement of MPIO feature when provisioning a new Hyper-V server
        • Automatic MPIO device claim
        • Support for arrays that implement OnePortPerView
    • Update Management- Keep your VMM Fabric Servers (VMM roles, hosts, and
      clusters) up-to-date with patches.</p>
      • *New in RC:
        • Share a WSUS root server between System Center Configuration Manager 2007
          R2/ System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Beta
        • Hyper-V Cluster Orchestration- Nodes put into VMM Maintenance Mode can be
          set to trigger Maintenance Mode in Operations Manager.
    • Resource Optimization
      • Dynamic Optimization – proactively balance the load of VMs across a
      • Power Optimization – schedule power savings to use the right number of hosts
        to run your workloads – power the rest off until they are needed.</p>
        • *New in RC:
          • Set Operations Manager Mode for powered down hosts
      • PRO – integrate with System Center Operations Manager to respond to
        application-level performance monitors.</p>
        • *New in RC:
          • Support added for System Center Operations Manager 2012 Beta
          • VMM will ship two sample PRO Packs: Cluster scale out and Service scale out
  • Cloud Management
    • Abstract server, network and storage resources into private clouds
    • Delegate access to private clouds with control of capacity, capabilities and
      user quotas
    • Enable self-service usage for application administrator to author, deploy,
      manage and decommission applications in the private cloud
  • Service Lifecycle Management
    • Define service templates to create sets of connected virtual machines, OS
      images and application packages</p>
      • *New in RC:
        • Service Designer and Specialization UI enhancements
        • Added ability to use Service Template Patterns
    • Compose operating system images and applications during service deployment
      • *New in RC:
        • IP-based provisioning
        • New application instance view
    • Scale out the number of virtual machines in a service
    • Service performance and health monitoring integrated with System Center
      Operations Manager
    • Decouple OS image and application updates through image-based servicing
      • *New in RC:
        • Streamlined ability to enable OS VHD updates to a Service Template
        • Publish updated Service Templates in order to update Service
    • Leverage powerful application virtualization technologies such as Server
Written on September 12, 2011