Configuration Manager R3 released!!!


The System Center team is very excited to announce the release of System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3.  This release is a significant accomplishment for the engineering team for a lot of reasons.  Not only does ConfigMgr R3 drive new scenario support to existing world class capabilities, it raises core functionality to new levels of industry leading status.

ConfigMgr is already known as a product capable of managing the world’s largest enterprise infrastructures, across the biggest, most distributed and most complex of customers.  With ConfigMgr R3, we increase this to 300,000 managed clients per hierarchy, a number unmatched in the market today.  In achieving this unparalleled position, the team managed to revisit a number of areas of the core product, and drive use case scenarios towards the concept of real time management.

By tightening our key relationship to Active Directory with finer, more granular polling and delta monitoring, and marrying this with a new ability to rapidly populate those changes into collections; organizations will find a more responsive platform that meets their business needs, not just those of IT.  Real world scenarios have impacted these changes, and we are excited to demonstrate our response to these challenges.

In addition to all of these performance improvements, we have listened to our customers, and understand that with technology demands, you also need to save money, and lower the cost of IT in running a business.  When combined with competitive, environmental and regulatory pressure, it is really exciting to deliver centralized, policy based Power Management “in box”.  This feature alone will drive down the cost of running systems, from the same admin console ConfigMgr Admins have used for over a decade.  Using the same client, the same policy system, and the same processes our other features take advantage of, Power Management is going to drive down the cost of IT like no other feature.  Organizations are already sharing unsolicited data about their savings.  A 20,000 seat organization recently reported that through early conservative power management policies, they will save approx. $500,000 per year.  These kinds of capabilities make a real difference.

ConfigMgr R3 sets a new bar in the evolution towards user centric client management.  Elements now available within R3 are early looks at what you can expect moving forward with ConfigMgr v.Next.

The core capabilities in System Center Configuration Manager R3 are extended by offerings from a number of partners.  1E NightWatchman software extends administrative flexibility, user empowerment and reporting.   When combined with R3, these provide an example of a best of breed power management solutions for PCs.  The below links provide some additional information about 1E as well as partners  Verdiem and Adaptiva. In particular, about how these partner solutions extend our core functionality.

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Written on October 17, 2010